Fort Worth Magicians Club Member Videos

The Society of American Magicians

Members of the Fort Worth and Dallas Magicians Club take center stage in the introduction to the oldest magic organization in the world.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians

Lance Burton's promotional appeal for the international community of magicians.

Dal Sander's Magical World

Fort Worth Magicians club member and 2013 national president of the Society of American Magicians performs his full family show.

David Hira - Magician Extraordinaire

Long-time club member and former president David Hira is one of the most sought after magical emcees in America.

Ron Wilson - Magic with a Professional Touch

2020 FWMC president Ron Wilson performs exciting close-up, stage, and magical mentalism.

Will Baffle - The Illusionist

Illusionist Will Baffle brings to the stage some of the most revered and celebrated illusions of the past century to astonish the 21st century audience with historical pieces that haven't been seen for a hundred years.

The Mentalism and Magic of Grant Price

One of the most dynamic and entertaining young mentalist to come from our Fort Worth Magicians Club!

The Dove Act - Fort Worth's Josh Ayala

Fort Worth Magician Club Josh Ayala brings a bizarre theme to one of the all-time classics of stage magic.

Magic by Bruce Chadwick

FWMC Life Member Bruce Chadwick performs magic from close up to parlor, Gospel, and full stage illusion shows.

Mike Squires performs the Rings

In the "Carnival of Magic" FWMC member Mike Squires performs the classical Chinese Linking Rings.

John Kine performs at the Improv

Comedy, corporate, and family magician John Kine performs at the Comedy Improv.

The Magic of Matthew Martin

Former club president Matthew Martin headlines at the annual Mountain View College Family Magic Shows (2017).

"All In with Brian Weatherford" - The Magic of Mike Smith

Long-time member and 1971 club president Mike Smith performs magic for Brian Weatherford

"All In with Brian Weatherford" - The Magic of "Doc" Grimes

 2019 club president, Doc Grime performs magic for Brian Weatherford

"All In with Brian Weatherford" - Will Baffle

Brian Weatherford interviews magic historian and illusionist Will Baffle, former president of the Fort Worth Magicians Club

"All In with Brian Weatheford" - Bruce Chadwick

Life Member of the Fort Worth Magicians Club, Bruce Chadwick demonstrates his whimsical magical skills to a baffled host.

"All In with Brian Weatherford" - National Magic Week

Former national president of the Society of American Magicians Dal Sanders explains the place of magic in both American culture.

"All In with Brian Weatherford" - Brent Fisher

Say something interesting about your business here.

"All In with Brian Weatherford" - Diamond Jim Tyler

One of the most successful and creative inventors of magic, Diamond Jim Tyler is widely sought after for private parties and major corporate venues.

The Hare and Bird Superposition - Magic by Randi Rain

Easily one of the most creative magic minds in the business, Randi Rain brings her talents and skills to creating some of the most unique and startling performance pieces in American magic.

Fort Worth's Cook Children's Hospital Young Magicians Club

This unique club for young magicians is made possible by the support of Bill Irwin and Susie Schulwitz, volunteer sponsors on the staff at the hospital and members of the Fort Worth Magicians Club.

Shel Higgens does the Cups and Balls

Escape artist, street busker, and master entertainer, Fort Worth's She Higgens demonstrates his chops with a classic.

The Magic of Michael Stein

How a magical wish can fulfill your life!

Thank you, Derek Kennedy, with Magic etc and Ft Worth Costume

John Greene and Swami River

A hilarious mentalism duo, John Greene and Sean Adreshek perform at Main Street Magic & Fun Company in McKinney, Texas

Hal Hudgins performs Diamond Twist

For years, one of the busiest magical entertainers in North Texas, Hal Hudgins combines his talents as a magician, clown, western gunslinger, and illustrator to charm his corporate and private hosts.

Doc Grimes performs his "Guerrilla" Cups and Balls

Doc Grimes brings a little bit of grandpa wonkiness to "the oldest trick in the world."

Thank you, Derek Kennedy, with Magic etc and Ft Worth Costume

Ash Adams performs the (steel) Multiplying Balls

One of the most entertaining and accomplished magical artists in North Texas, Ash Adams performs an elegant and stunning multiplying ball routine.

Thank you, Derek Kennedy, with Magic etc and Ft Worth Costume

The Young Magicians Club of Cook Children's Hospital of Fort Worth

Fort Worth Magicians Club and Texas Association of Magicians president Bill Irwin and Susie Shulwitz sponsor these amazing, award-winning performers each year.

Arthur Emerson's "Color Monte" (performance)