Special Features - Articles in the M-U-M


Dal Sanders in the M-U-M

2020 president of the Dallas Magic Clubs, Inc. and Fort Worth Magicians Club member Dal Sanders served as the 2013 National President of the Society of American Magicians. His story is profiled in the July 2103 cover story by Frank Seltzer.


Bruce Chadwick in the M-U-M

Life Member of the Fort Worth Magician Club and founder of both the SAM Assembly 138 (named for him) and the Alliance of Illusionists, Bruce Chadwick is profiled in the February 2015 M-U-M cover story by Dan Rodriguez, PNP, and Bronson Chadwick.


Main Street Magic in the M-U-M

From 2006 until 2017, Chris and Jennifer Gracy's Main Street Magic & Fun Company in downtown McKinney was the quintessential "old time" magic store in the Southwest. The store is profiled in the October 2015 cover article by Norman Beck with Geoff Grimes.


Geoff "Doc" Grimes in the M-U-M

Past president of the Fort Worth Magicians Club and founder of the Mid-Cities Magic Circle, Geoff Grimes is the producer of the annual Mountain View College Family Magic Shows. His story is profiled in the October 2017 cover article by Norman Beck.