About The Flashpaper

As the official newsletter, The Flashpaper is published each month. The editor is one of the officers of the Executive Committee of the Fort Worth Magicians Club and is responsible for its content and distribution. Currently, it is distributed through email in the format of a PDF file. 

Members of the club are invited to contribute information, articles, announcements, photographs, and other items pertinent to the interests of the club. Many of the past articles have been saved and archived for reading and are available through this site.

About the The Flashpaper Logo

The Fort Worth Magicians Club is grateful to Life Member Louis Daniel for his illustration for the The Flashpaper which is the newsletter's official banner.

Meet the Editors

Currently, Matthew Martin is the Vice President for The Flashpaper. Pix Smith assists in the development and distribution of the newsletter each month.


Links to Current Issues of The Flashpaper

Over the past decadeThe Flashpaper has been edited by several club members, and some of the issues have been lost or misplaced. Below are links to some of the lastest issues created by Pix Smith.

[Left: Ren Clark logo by Life Member Louis Daniel]